Fun with Friends – Europe edition

Vienna | Liechtenstein | Geneva | France | Amsterdam | Greece | UK | Slovenia | After Armenia and Georgia (and before Greenland), I arrived at my home away from home – Dani… Continue reading

Greenland – WOW!

Greenland | A couple of years ago my cousin, Lisa, moved to Greenland (for her dream job of photographing and writing for Greenland’s visitor website).      Of course I immediately wanted to visit and… Continue reading

The Caucuses

Armenia | Georgia After Pakistan, it was straight to Armenia to reunite with Amee and Amani.    Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan form the Caucuses, a unique part of the world with Russia to the… Continue reading

K2- the Savage Mountain

Pakistan | K2, the second highest mountain in the world (8,611m/28,251ft), is not as well-known as her big sister Mt Everest (8849m/29,031ft) but she is a far more difficult and dangerous mountain.   One… Continue reading

Fun with Friends – US edition

New York | Lake Michigan | Atlanta | Bonaire | San Diego | Madrid | Vienna 4th July was coming up soon after I left Turkey and where better to celebrate than the… Continue reading

Going walkabout again

Turkey | Last month on the 19th June, exactly seven years to the day since I moved to Kenya, I set out on another walkabout.       Going walkabout again in 2021 was something I… Continue reading