Greenland – WOW!

Greenland | A couple of years ago my cousin, Lisa, moved to Greenland (for her dream job of photographing and writing for Greenland’s visitor website).      Of course I immediately wanted to visit and… Continue reading

The Caucuses

Armenia | Georgia After Pakistan, it was straight to Armenia to reunite with Amee and Amani.    Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan form the Caucuses, a unique part of the world with Russia to the… Continue reading

K2- the Savage Mountain

Pakistan | K2, the second highest mountain in the world (8,611m/28,251ft), is not as well-known as her big sister Mt Everest (8849m/29,031ft) but she is a far more difficult and dangerous mountain.   One… Continue reading

Fun with Friends – US edition

New York | Lake Michigan | Atlanta | Bonaire | San Diego | Madrid | Vienna 4th July was coming up soon after I left Turkey and where better to celebrate than the… Continue reading

Going walkabout again

Turkey | Last month on the 19th June, exactly seven years to the day since I moved to Kenya, I set out on another walkabout.       Going walkabout again in 2021 was something I… Continue reading

(Salmon) Fishing in Yemen

Ever wondered where the best place you’ve never heard of is? Well I think I’ve found it – and it’s an island called Socotra.   Technically part of Yemen but 500km off the mainland,… Continue reading