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K2- the Savage Mountain

Pakistan | K2, the second highest mountain in the world (8,611m/28,251ft), is not as well-known as her big sister Mt Everest (8849m/29,031ft) but she is a far more difficult and dangerous mountain.   One… Continue reading

The ACTUAL Grand Finale

Germany | Scotland | England | Singapore | Australia | Upon leaving Africa, an unexpected last minute detour saw me in Munich for a mini gang reunion with Dani, Robert and Toronto fly-in… Continue reading

Asian Celebrations…

Myanmar | India | Myanmar is the only country to which I’ve ever been refused entry.  Arriving at 1am, pre-arranged visa documents in hand, I was told that I was missing a key… Continue reading

Diving and Dining

PNG | Oz | Shanghai | Switzerland | UK | Looking for an insider’s perspective on Papua New Guinea, I took advantage of the fact that my friend Peter was there (he grew… Continue reading

From Moz to Oz

Mozambique | Singapore | Australia | Guludo Beach Lodge in the Quirimbas National Park in northern Mozambique is the kind of place where you throw the windows and doors of your beach bungalow… Continue reading

Street Food and Monk Volleyball

India | Bhutan | I started my latest adventure in Delhi visiting my old school friend Robyn and her husband Keir and their daughter Zoe.    While I did take time to see the… Continue reading