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Exploring East Africa

Chad | Rwanda | Burundi | Uganda | Kenya | I know it’s a little bizarre to say that I took a resort vacation to Chad, one of those forgotten Central African countries. … Continue reading

The Omo Valley

Ethiopia | The Omo Valley, in southern Ethiopia, is a land full of some of the most traditional tribes in the world and a truly unique destination.   The story of the Omo… Continue reading

Ethiopia – A World of its Own

Ethiopia | The first thing you notice in Ethiopia is the time. It’s different to the time in the rest of the world. Startlingly logical, 1 o’clock means one hour of sunshine (or… Continue reading

Kaiserschmarrn and Kalishnikovs

Austria | London | Djibouti | Somaliland |   Only a couple of days after leaving West Africa it was quite surreal to find myself skiing in the midst of the Austrian Alps. … Continue reading

First Descent of the Moa River (almost…)

Sierra Leone | At the Sierra Leone border I am offered the opportunity to meet with someone who could sell me diamonds.    Later, fresh coconuts are for sale on the roadside.  … Continue reading

Wandering West Africa

Guinea-Bissau | Senegal | Guinea | There’s something deeply satisfying about the path to your hotel room being a beach. You begin to forget your shoes, and sometimes your clothes, and wander around… Continue reading

Planes, Boats and Automobiles

The Gambia | Senegal | Guinea-Bissau | Just before Christmas, my friend Amee flew in to meet me and we enjoyed two last days at the wonderful Sandele Eco-Retreat in The Gambia before… Continue reading