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From Moz to Oz

Mozambique | Singapore | Australia | Guludo Beach Lodge in the Quirimbas National Park in northern Mozambique is the kind of place where you throw the windows and doors of your beach bungalow… Continue reading

Exploring East Africa

Chad | Rwanda | Burundi | Uganda | Kenya | I know it’s a little bizarre to say that I took a resort vacation to Chad, one of those forgotten Central African countries. … Continue reading

The Omo Valley

Ethiopia | The Omo Valley, in southern Ethiopia, is a land full of some of the most traditional tribes in the world and a truly unique destination.   The story of the Omo… Continue reading

Ethiopia – A World of its Own

Ethiopia | The first thing you notice in Ethiopia is the time. It’s different to the time in the rest of the world. Startlingly logical, 1 o’clock means one hour of sunshine (or… Continue reading

Kaiserschmarrn and Kalishnikovs

Austria | London | Djibouti | Somaliland |   Only a couple of days after leaving West Africa it was quite surreal to find myself skiing in the midst of the Austrian Alps. … Continue reading

First Descent of the Moa River (almost…)

Sierra Leone | At the Sierra Leone border I am offered the opportunity to meet with someone who could sell me diamonds.    Later, fresh coconuts are for sale on the roadside.  … Continue reading

Wandering West Africa

Guinea-Bissau | Senegal | Guinea | There’s something deeply satisfying about the path to your hotel room being a beach. You begin to forget your shoes, and sometimes your clothes, and wander around… Continue reading