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Shark Wrangling in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia | Morocco | Dubai | For my November travels I had planned to visit friends in Asia and the South Pacific and maybe do a bit of sea kayaking but the… Continue reading

(Salmon) Fishing in Yemen

Ever wondered where the best place you’ve never heard of is? Well I think I’ve found it – and it’s an island called Socotra.   Technically part of Yemen but 500km off the mainland,… Continue reading

The ACTUAL Grand Finale

Germany | Scotland | England | Singapore | Australia | Upon leaving Africa, an unexpected last minute detour saw me in Munich for a mini gang reunion with Dani, Robert and Toronto fly-in… Continue reading

Living Life Out Loud in West Africa

Benin | Niger | Burkina Faso | Cote D’Ivoire | Liberia |  Being back in West Africa was like coming home – the intoxicating mixture of color, music, dance, song, masses of people,… Continue reading

Bikes, Wine and Cheetahs

Malawi | South Africa | Qatar | London |   I have never been a cyclist.  So, I’m not quite sure why then, I agreed to mountain bike across Malawi with my friend… Continue reading

Aisha in Sudan

Sudan | I was given my Arabic name on my second day in Sudan.  Wandering the camel market outside Khartoum with Michael, the guide on my upcoming camel trek across the desert, he… Continue reading

My life in Nairobi

KENYA | Jambo!  For the past two months, I’ve been living in Nairobi doing consulting work for an international travel company.  Which means I get to spend my days researching trips around Africa… Continue reading